Here at MinscandBoo, we have been watching the U.S. Presidential election closely, and we have come to one conclusion: we wouldn't want any of those candidates in our party.
So, Boo says we should have our own elections right here on the site.
With that, we present to you the Minsc and Boo presidential elections! Come back every Saturday and Tuesday to vote for your favorite candidate in a knock-out style voting system.
So far, Edwin has defeated Xan,
Xzar has defeated Montaron.
Sarevok defeated Garrick.
Tiax has defeated Anomen.
Minsc has defeated Jaheira.

The next battle is Edwin versus Xzar!
Vote in the poll to the left to make your opinions known!
Quote Of The Day:

No. I do not act. I fight, and fight for real!
About Minsc and Boo

Minsc is a beacon of light in a world full of darkness. Together with his hamster sidekick, Boo, they shall put the boot to the backside of evil; butts shall be liberally kicked and in good measure.

Here on we strive to follow in the footsteps of Minsc and his sidekick Boo. It is to this end that we have built an assortment of programs designed to help people in their quest to become more Minsc like.

There is a quote section, containing all of Minsc's major quotes, and the wav format when available. here we can learn all there is to know about Minsc, from his history, to what drives him to be a vehicle for righteous butt-kicking. But what use would Minsc be, however determined, if he didn't have the the physical capability to follow through with his butt-kicking threats? It is for this reason we have created the Minsc physical trainer. Here we have gathered together all of Minsc's secret training methods (as told by Boo), and we pass them on to you in the form of a daily trainer. Come back and train once per day, and in no time you'll be as physically intimidating as Minsc himself.

There are also the forums to talk about about your quest to become more Minsc like, as well as a blogging area to blog about your goals and progress toward your goals. Of course these can be use for other purposes, but one would have to ask why?

Good luck on your journey toward Minscness, and in the eternal words of Minsc: Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!